While going to college, Tom worked various construction jobs. So, it comes as no surprise that his college degree was tailored made for the construction business. Having been mentored by the owners of two of the nation’s finest construction companies, Tom subsequently founded and owned both an internet service and a home building business.

Initially, his company built 800 to 3000 SF production homes, but in later years, his company designed and built luxury homes from 5,000 to 22,000 SF.

Tom applied the computer programming, business, and process improvement skills learned in college to his building business, which gave him an edge over his competitors in terms of speed, quality, and profitability.

At the request of a fellow GC, Tom created a company to provide internet and web design services to college student housing.

Using his technology skills and construction expertise, Tom designed and installed fiber optic data networks and provide internet services for 2500 college students living in student housing projects.

Now, he uses his skills from both businesses to help small contractors compete with larger contractors.