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Benefit from my years as a builder and my eduction in workflow analysis and job scheduling.

TA Prince

Keys to growing a business


Are employees’ skills sets being properly utilized?


Are employees using the best tools and technology to efficiently complete their tasks?

Job Flow

Are your employees wasting their energy and company profit on unnessary tasks?

Info Flow

Are staff and customer communicationsystems effective?

From One Home Builder to Another

Virtual Production Manager

Do less, achieve more!

Build houses faster, on-time, on-budget with less stress and mistakes”

Job Calendar View

Green tasks are completed. Yellow task are in progress. Blue tasks have not started.

Job Scheduling Detail

Green tasks are completed. Yellow task are in progress. Blue tasks are inspections. Brown tasks are material delivery.

Job management system
Production manager
Job scheduling

I built homes for 35 years, and the biggest complaint among my builder friends was that proper job management was difficult to master and too time-consuming to maintain. To be done right, job management requires a professional job scheduling system coupled with 24/7 schedule updates, notifications, and personal reminders to staff, subcontractors, and suppliers throughout the construction process.

Now that I am retired, I’ve had the time to use my builder experience, Industrial Management education, and computer programing skills, to create a simple-to-use professional job management process for other builders. I call it the Virtual Production Manager.

What does the Virtual Production Manager do?

  • Creates and maintains the job schedule
  • Automatically notifies you, your staff, trades, and suppliers when schedule dates change
  • Sends the appropriate personnel email notifications reminding them it’s time to order materials or schedule inspections.
  • Emails a list of weekly responsibilities to all parties
  • Notifies the builder when tasks are completed or overdue
  • Show the dates you can expect construction draws

All you have to do is click your mouse!

As a job progresses, you mark tasks as in progress or completed. If a task is not completed on time, a revised job schedule is automatically created and emailed to tradesmen, suppliers, and staff.

If you want to spend more time building your homes and less time putting out fires, add TA’s Virtual Production Manager to your team.

Notification Email When Schedule Changes

When a task’s schedule date changes, an email is automatically sent to those individuals assigned to that task. The schedule dates changes are shown in yellow.


Virtual Production Manger

Virtual Production Manager will watch over your jobs and notify you, your staff, trades, and suppliers when dates change or are not met.

Workflow Evaluation

Analyze production, sales and administrative processes to eliminate worker time wasted on unnessary tasks or time spent on tasks beneath their skill set.

Technology Audit

Are you using technology to the fullest benefit to your business?


Tom Prince

  • Florida State CGC (inactive)
  • Over 30 years building production and luxury homes for national builders and his own companies.
  • BS degree in workflow evaluation and job scheduling
  • 200 acre multi-use projects
  • Founder and owner of an Internet services company
  • Computer programmer – technology analyst

Tom the builder

Senior Building Inspector

    Senior Building Inspector

    We used Tom’s homes to teach our trainees the proper way to build a home. His attention to detail and insistence for doing it right is second to none.



      While getting my teeth cleaned, my dentist suggested that I contact Tom for a job. I explained that Tom recently fired me because I did not follow his specifications. I told the dentist that if I could afford a luxury home, I would only let Tom build it.

      Fellow Builder

        Fellow Builder

        Tom’s construction knowledge was so extraordinary, that we would go to him to find water leaks in our homes when no one else could.



          Your daily supervision assured the quality home in which we now live. The finish subcontractors raved about how precise our interior walls were.

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